(De-)Scaling the Summit

This is the expedition that reveals the hidden secrets of Agile at scale/enterprise.

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This is the expedition that reveals the hidden secrets of Scrum at scale/enterprise. 

This expedition is a strategic masterpiece rooted in lean thinking and enterprise wisdom. Unveil the untold history of Scrum's roots in enterprise, where it is used as a de-scaling strategy, a force to counteract the gravitational pull of complexity. 

Where many constants may tell you that scaling requires big and complex approaches, we instead will show you how to keep it simple, with less, not more. Simplicity is the key to unlocking the gates to sustainable growth. 

In a world where methods tend to escalate complexity in the quest to manage it, Scrum stands as an outlier—a strategy for resolution through simplicity. While others tangle with increasing overhead, creating bureaucratic spaghetti monsters, you'll learn the art of lean and focused management.

Learn how to manage inter-team communication and dependencies with grace. Led by experts who have both scaled and de-scaled these summits themselves, 'De-Scaling the Summit' will reveal the agile strategies that thrive in the enterprise landscape. 

From managing inter-team dynamics to embracing the unique challenges posed by specializations, you'll emerge with a toolkit to navigate the most intricate of organizational terrains. 

We’ll compare the different strategies taken by Nexus, Scrum@Scale, LeSS, SAFe, and more. When it comes to (de-)scaling, there will be some chasms to cross and dangerously hidden crevices to avoid. So, fellow mountaineers, the summit is calling to you. 

Are you ready to ascend and descend it?