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Track Your Potential with the R2M Passport

Stamp and Celebrate Your Achievements

Introducing the R2M Passport—a comprehensive overview designed to help you navigate your personal learning journey. This passport provides a record of key competencies, concepts, strengths, and plays, allowing you to track your progress with stamping levels of familiarity, proficiency, and mastery. Keep track of your growth and achievements as you advance toward your goals.

Download the template here.
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Interview with John Albrecht

Deepdiving into Scrum Lake

John has over fifteen years of experience implementing enterprise-level systems. He leads and coaches specialized software development teams. He is a conference and meetup speaker and develops workshops.
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Kung-Fu Kanban Re-Mastered!

2024 edition now available for guides!

This re-mastered expedition takes you on a path that blends ancient wisdom with modern effectiveness. You will be challenged to redefine your understanding of workflow dynamics.

Much like a martial artist perfecting their kung-fu techniques, you'll delve into the essence of defining, visualizing, measuring, and optimizing workflow. You'll learn to master your steps—pull, flow, and balance.

Become a workflow warrior.

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Road 2 Mastery at The Delivery Space Podcast

The Genesis of Road 2 Mastery

Nyland is welcomed by Nisha Joshi and Sharon Williams to share the inspiration behind creating an Agile learning journey that bridges the gap between theory and practical application, making Scrum Mastery adventurous and fulfilling!

We talk about the common hurdles for Scrum Masters, including facing down the beast that is imposter syndrome. 
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SAFe vs. Scrum

Step into the ring as Laurens Bonnema and Sjoerd Nijland go glove-to-glove in an epic showdown.

In scaling Agile, SAFe sits on its throne. It’s the most used scaling framework worldwide. Yet... not everyone is a fan of SAFe. Why is that? 

Round after round, they’ll tackle the heavy hitters: Software Factories, Normalized Story Points, Commitment to stories, and tasks. What's a Story, anyway? What's the Product Owner’s real power, a six-month MVP, and whether emergent design is sufficient at scale.
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Interview with Nisha Joshi

authentic conversations

Nisha is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning renowned companies like BBC, Adobe, Canon, and more. 

Nisha shares insights into her journey through the corporate jungle, highlighting the importance of teamwork, overcoming challenges, and the invaluable lessons learned from both successes and failures. 
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Interview with Amy Lane

authentic conversations

Amy is a seasoned senior agile trainer and coach. She shares her transformative path from frustration to fulfillment, shedding light on the power of empathy, curiosity, and play in professional development.

Listen to Amy's perspective on her diverse career at companies like Nordstrom, Disney, and Blue Nile, before landing her current role as a senior agile trainer at The Hartford.
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TMB: What to Bring?

Gear up!

Get insights and recommendations on how to pack light but wisely. In this guide, we will delve into the must-have essentials. From clothing and footwear to safety gear, we've got you covered. Let's turn your dream of conquering Mont Blanc into a reality, one step at a time.
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Tour du Mont Blanc Itinerary

A day by day overview

Train and travel. Explore the 10 majestic days of hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc.

From our base camp in Champex-Lac, the serene jewel nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, we venture forth to enjoy stunning reflections of snow-capped peaks. The vibrant wildflowers, the crisp mountain breeze, and the distant jingle of cowbells welcome you to an atmosphere that inspires reflection and mindfulness.
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Tour Du Mont Blanc

An EPIC leaderhip trail

The TMB is the most famous trail in Europe. It crosses three countries: France, Italy, and Switzerland. The trail circles the Mont Blanc massif and has a 10-kilometer altitude difference. You will walk between 5 and 8 hours daily for roughly 10 days, with steep climbs and descents.

From: July 6th to 16th, 2024. "
Departure: Champex-Lac, Switzerland
Travel budget: €2000

Will you answer this call to adventure?
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